Manic Monday

For whatever reason, I am just not paying attention to my knitting these days -- hence all the ripping back I've been doing. I realized today that I was doing decreases on every RS row for the cardigan waist, when it really should've just been on rows 2, 6, and 10. Whoops. At least it's not much to frog, just a few rows. It would've been more, except I ran out of yarn waiting at the doctor. (I used the time to weave in the ends.)

Today has been a wash so far. I got up, went to the doctor, saw him, and waited around for a looooooong time to get blood drawn. We should know more later this week; there's still a chance I have lupus, but if I do, it's mild. After that I ran to Costco to have them patch my tire (I ran over a nail or something). The estimate for the wait was almost two hours ... but, it needed to be done. So I spent a looooooooong time at Costco. Then it turned out they couldn't patch it, so I needed a whole new tire -- by then I was very crabby and exhausted and extremely sick of Costco. But they got the new tire done in 10 minutes, at least. And their service is always very friendly.

I got some pretty sweet buttons for the cardigan this afternoon -- which also gave me an excuse to play with the macro setting on my camera. The little banner part says "honor."

Alas, not much time for knitting tonight ... we have some guys from Ireland filming us for a documentary. Which means I need to go get pretty. Bah!


Kimberly said...

Good luck with your tests - I know waiting to find out results has to be nerve-racking.

sunneshine said...

I hope your tests come out well!

Love the buttons!!

Gypsy Junk Knits said...

*fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for luck*