Thursday I went to the doctor because I am starting to get the same rash on my face that I had in DC. Apparently it is something called a butterfly rash, and it's one indication of lupus. I meet a few of the other diagnostic criteria, so I am going to a different doctor on Monday morning to get things checked out. It's probably nothing, but it seems like the sort of thing I should know for sure.

I keep making stupid knitting mistakes. Right now I am working on the short-sleeved cardigan with ribbing from Fitted Knits. What bothers me is that I can't figure out how to fix some weird bungle I made with an increase a few rows ago. I tried to rip back to before it, but the mistake seems to have magically remained. Gah. I may just frog it all the way back to the stupid collar and start over. At this rate, it's going to take me all month to make one simple big-gauge cardigan! I'll just blame that on the lupus that I probably don't have. ;-)

Edited to add: Screw it, I'm ripping it back and starting from the top with the increase rows. I will enjoy re-knitting it more than I will enjoy tinkering around with the bungled stitches.

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Viva Scrapper! said...

hope everything is well. will you be around during the lone star roundup? a few of the girls and I will hopefully be there!