One Hand Clapping

I finished knitting Clapotis today ... now all that's left is to weave in the many ends! The thing is huge, but also very soft and warm. Rock! I am not sure when I'll weave in the ends but I've been wearing it around the house anyway. :-)

Went to the LYS today and got some Berroco Chinchilla to make baby hat #1. Oh, dear. It is very hard to work with this stuff. I've set it aside and will revisit it tomorrow; there might have to be a plan B. (Which would be the baby cupcake hat.)

I had an idea for either an anniversary or Xmas present for Mr. Fury, depending on how fast I can get it done ... he will be gone for October, so I'll have some time to work on it freely. I am thinking of doing a shadow knitting project, but the idea of creating my own chart is a little daunting!

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