Pajamas at Noon

My photoshoot today was very low-key ... just me and one other model, in the fantastic pajamas my friend designed. My friend also makes rubber clothes and crochets; she's a very talented woman.

Tomorrow I am going to figure out a pattern and get yarn for the baby hat I need for next Saturday. That probably means Clapotis will have to go on the back burner -- which sucks, because it's so close to finished. Hopefully I'll have time to do both this week.

My other big project is to go through my truly terrifying closet and whip it into shape. It's a wreck, so I can never find anything in the abyss. Today I got some hanging closet organizers -- actually a set of three for $20, which is pretty sweet. (They are sort of like this, but all three are shelf-y ones). I'm going to go through everything and hopefully accumulate a pile to sell at Buffalo Exchange.

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