Yarn and Ink

I put aside Clapotis' many yarn ends in favor of a baby cupcake hat for Saturday. That nubble row was no fun to work, but boy, is it cute!

Tomorrow I am planning on going to Arts & Drafts, which is a craft circle at a local coffeeshop/bar. It's been a long time since I knit socially. :-)

On Friday night I am stopping by the tattoo shop for a quick appointment. I'm getting my toes done with one letter on each: k 2 p 2 k 2 p 2 k 2

I revel in my dorkiness. :-)


Shannon H. said...

Revel in that dorkiness! I love it!

I'll be getting my back inked on the 29th! Hopefully I can get some knitting done while getting worked on. :)

Mouse said...

You're getting your toes ribbed? hee hee. We'll all definitely need photos of that.