Lightning Speed

Wow! I am sailing along on the mini-Clapotis ... I cast on last night and made it halfway through the MidnightKnitter version's instructions. It's looking a little short, so I might add some straight rows. It seems like I have plenty of yarn. (Hope those aren't famous last words!)

Speaking of the yarn, on my way home from work last night, I stopped at the LYS for SWTC Bamboo. I had to ask about it, since it wasn't on the shelves. Turns out they only had three skeins, all the same dyelot of Bougainvillea, in clearance. Score! I bought two of them ... they seem to have a LOT of knots, maybe that's just par for the course with this yarn.

I think it took a little break for me to get my knitting groove back. Thank you, tiny Clapotis! I might need to pack a little something else to work on tomorrow en route to Dallas ... this is going awfully fast.


Mouse said...

The handspun half-clap I'm working on is the same instructions and I have to admit that I felt it was rather short when I got to the end of the straight rows. I'm adding a whole bunch more straight rows until I'm happy with the length.

Scarlett said...

I did, too. :-) I did 12 repeats instead of the eight or whatever was in the pattern ... it was DEFINITELY too short as written.


I'll have to try the Mini-clapotis thing out. Oh, and SWTC Bamboo is awesome Bougainvillea is my fav color!