Good Intentions ...

So my plan, devised on Friday, was to pick up yarn for a mini-Clap so I'd have some nice, compact, non-garment knitting for the drive to Dallas (and the waiting time while Mr. Fury gets tattooed) today.


I actually finished it last night. Like mouse, I found the mini-Clapotis pattern resulted in a very short scarf, so I added more repeats of the straight section. (I forget exactly how many offhand -- it calls for eight and I did at least twelve.) The result is about 65" of lovely drapey Clapotis. Hopefully there will be pictures tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this leaves me without nice, compact, non-garment knitting for the drive. I am going to do some stash-diving a little later ... I know there is Cashmerino in there, and I always intended to make a second pair of Fetching mitts. Hmmmmm.

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Mouse said...

65 inches is like my "default scarf length" for knitting..
I'm up to about 12 + drop stitches on my mini-clap but I'm trying to get all I can out of this handspun.