No Longer a Sucker!

I heard from several friends that the dwarf was very rude and snotty to many people last week. Which I can believe -- I thought he was just a particularly obnoxious drunk, but it turns out he's a jerk. So no knitted hat for him! Jerks get no hats.

Last night I did agree to knit a replacement cell phone cozy for a friend, in exchange for some buttons she makes. I made her a cozy years ago and she's used it ever since. :-) This was the first one:

I still have the rest of that skein in my stash to make another one!

A friend gave me Knitting Over the Edge as a late birthday present. And I have a $50 Borders gift certificate from Mr. Fury's folks. I am a little baffled as to what to get next, since I've gotten so many knitting books recently ... maybe, just maybe, it's time to get a non-knitting-related book. Do they still write books about things other than knitting?


Lana said...

That little cozy is too cute. It reminds me of the one from Stitch N Bitch. I will have to make a "piggy" one soon. It requires fuzzy yarn though, which drives me nutty to knit with. LOL!

I agree with the mean people don't get knits! Have a great day!

Scarlett said...

That's where I got the pattern! :-) I had the piggy one myself until I got a new phone.

The recommended yarn isn't too bad. I was a pretty new knitter when I made it, and I didn't have trouble.


The only thing mean people get is ingored.

I think there are still some books out there about knitting...of course you could always read one of those murder mysteries that are knitting related. :D