Seams 'n' Things

Both sleeves on the two-tone shrug are knitted and seamed. The seams are pretty freaking perfect in the stockinette section, and passable in the ribbing section. I picked up the stitches for the ribbed collar and have done about five rounds. So far it is looking nice -- I'm loving the deep sky blue I used for the body. The ribbing is a dark, dark navy; it almost looks black, which is fine with with me.

I haven't gotten much done tonight and probably won't make much progress until this time next week ... I have practice on Tuesday, a movie date on Wednesday, more practice on Thursday, an out-of-town show on Friday, an in-town show on Saturday, and a photo shoot on Sunday. Whew.

While visiting my mom yesterday, she gave me some belated birthday presents, including Knitter's Almanac. Scarf Style and Knitter's Workshop are still en route.

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