Wind(er) Beneath My Wings

Thank you, everyone, for having faith that I am indeed knitting a sweater. ;-) I finished the first sleeve Sunday evening. Last night I didn't knit at all; I wove in ends and added a single-crochet edging to the v-neck to unroll it a bit. Then there was the kerfuffle over the ball winder.

Yesterday my ball winder was delivered ... to another condo in our complex. I am not sure how the address was wrong, but when I called UPS they told me that it was delivered about 10 doors down from me. Nobody was home at the other condo and the package wasn't there. I wanted to sit on their patio and wait, but chose the saner solution of leaving them a note instead. When Mr. Fury and I arrived home from running errands, the package was sitting happily on our back patio. Hooray, neighbor-I-don't-know! You rule! (Actually, I might have met this neighbor over the summer when two of the ferrets escaped. I met many neighbors while conducting an extensive grounds search.) (Both ferrets were recovered, incidentally.)

Anyway, the ball winder and the swift-o-love are both fantastic and fill me with joy. Which is good, because I'm experiencing SSS -- second sleeve syndrome. I'm having trouble getting motivated to start the second sleeve, but it's gotta be done ... although I did wear it around for awhile on Sunday with just the one sleeve.

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You know, I lost a skein of yarn when my hubby sent it to the wrong address. We notified the neighbors who he supposedly sent it to, but I never got it back. *sigh* Good thing it was only Knitpicks yarn.

I would like to have seen you galavanting about with your one-sleeved sweater! :D