Try, Try Again

Last night I made it halfway through the second sleeve for Snit Raglan and hopefully will finish it tonight … alas, it’s one step forward and two steps back. The decreases on the first sleeve look so bad in comparison to the ones on the second sleeve, it will drive me insane if I don’t frog the first one and reknit it. I’d rather take two extra evenings to do it right than to have a garment that bugs me forever. At least I was able to see where I went wrong on the first one and correct it the second time around. On the first one, I tried to do the decreases every inch, but I kept losing track and they weren’t evenly spaced down the arm. So now I’m just decreasing at the beginning and end of every sixth round and it’s working out much better.

I haven’t decided if I am going to attempt a zipper or do buttons. I’d prefer a zipper, but I’d have to hand-sew it. Meh. I will contemplate that this weekend, as I doubt I will finish the sleeve-and-a-half and the neck ribbing before then.

My birfday is coming up (March 25). Mr. Fury offered me a choice: either get the usual presents, or take a long weekend in Las Vegas when he gets home from his next tour. I chose the latter, natch. The first time I went to Vegas, I got married and got to meet Penn & Teller. The second time I went to Vegas, I taught myself to crochet and got lost in Ceasar’s Palace. Let’s hope my third trip will be just as eventful as the previous two.

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Well, that sucks. But you're right, it's much better to have it done the way that will make you happy.

Mmm, a long weekend with the hubby, that's awesome!