So Close to Completion!

I blocked Snit Cardigan last night. There was a moment of terror when I laid it out and the only think I could think was, Jeebus, that's huge! So I took off the hoodie I was wearing and laid it out for comparison, which was reassuring. I'm extremely glad I redid the first sleeve.

I still need to go obtain buttons and do the button band; I could have done it yesterday, but I wanted to block it before I placed the buttons and holes. Once that's done, I'll take some photos. I was tempted to try it on this morning, but it's still damp.

It's not perfect. But it is pretty nice, and it's definitely wearable ... and man, did I learn a lot while making it. (Especially since I read Knitting Without Tears while working on it.) It's like a key turned in my brain somewhere and all of a sudden, I have ideas.

I'm not sure what I'm doing next, although I'm thinking of a lace cowl with the Kid Classic salvaged from the evil-one-skein-shrug-pattern-that-wasn't. Mr. Fury is leaving for tour on Wednesday, so I will need many things to fill my time for the weeks he's gone.

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