More Snit Cardigan

Not much knitting got done yesterday ... I went downtown to see an outdoor showing of two 1970s horror movies (Torso and Zombi) hosted by Robert Rodriguez, complete with grindhouse trailers in between. Mr. Fury's friends from Slightly Stoopid are in town recording, so we dropped by the studio then dragged them to Opal Divine's for some drinks after I got home from the movies.

I should finish the first sleeve of Snit Raglan tonight. Today I made good progress on it while watching the first season of The Office. The decreases under the arm are funky and weird, but I knew going into this that it was a learning experience sweater. I love it despite its many imperfections. At least it's going to be wearable. :-)

Lesson learned: um, get better at making sleeves. Yeah.

This picture is from yesterday -- the sleeve covers my elbow now. I post this so everyone knows I really am knitting a sweater, it's not some huge delusion on my part. :-) It does really reach around my torso, too; the edge is just curling under now because it's unfinished.


Mouse said...

I often feel like no one will believe me when I get tired of taking photographs of my knitting in progress. We never doubted for a second that you weren't really knitting on the cardigan! Its really nice.. Is it knit in the round?

sunneshine said...

The cardi looks great! Its amazing what blocking does - especially with rolly sweater parts (and weird underarm decreases)! Yes, I know this from experience... things almost frogged, but then they turned out fine!

Is is SxSW yet? One of these years, I will get there...


lol It's like the time my cousin had this "friend" we never saw. :)

It looks great! I believed you, but then, why would you lie about knitting a sweater? Are all the cool kids doing it? If so, I am outta the loop!

Lana said...

The sweater looks great. I SO love the color. I can't wait to see it finished.