Snittiness Continues

I've finished the body of Snit Raglan and started the first sleeve. I will see if I can get Mr. Fury to take a WIP photo tomorrow of it in all its lumpy glory. It's a good thing I have faith in the power of blocking because it's looking fairly awful right now. :-)

Today there was an old thread bumped on Craftster about the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty, which got me thinking ... I had that on my mental to-knit list but never got around to it. I'm pretty sure I have four skeins of Elann Cotton Sonata kicking around somewhere -- I bought it ages ago for Soleil, which I abandoned after about two inches. Hm ...

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Lana said...

Oh, I remember when Knitty released the Honeymoon Cami. It's very cute. I am more partial to the Soleil tank...it's in my size. Less pattern editing that I have to do.