Warshrag City

I stayed up late last night finishing the ball band dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting, then promptly cast on for another hexagonal one. (I went a little nuts buying the whatever-and-Creme yarns, so I have plenty.) My plan was to sleep in this morning so I could be peppy and vigorous for my birthday show this evening ... alas, my otherwise-very-nice neighbors have a tendency to set their alarm for early hours and then just let it go off, and go off, and go off. So I was up around 8:00. Bleh. When I finally decided to schlep downstairs to search out earplugs, they'd turned it off by the time I finally got back upstairs to bed.

I re-read that and realized just how grouchy it sounds, so I need to come back and temper it. :-) But I had a very nice time in yoga class, especially since I have a new double-thick mat courtesy of my little sister. It's going to be a good day and a good night. But I should probably make some coffee before venturing out. :-)

Today's pictures are the pink-and-white hexagonal washcloth that I made last Sunday, and the blue-and-green ball band dishcloth that I finished last night. I forget which ones are done with which 'n' Cream yarn. I'm almost done with a blue-and-white one that's very similar to the pink one. It's smaller, though, because I'm using the recommended size 8s instead of the size 9s I used for the pink one. I like that the bobbles on the first alernate between pink and white, although the pink ones look rather anatomical.

Not sure what's coming after this washcloth explosion. There may or may not be knitting books in my familial birthday bonanza tomorrow, so I figure I will kick around for the rest of the month, and then see where I am in April. I have a lot of vague ideas of where I want to go but I'm not sure exactly what's up next. It's already very, very warm here, so I suspect we're in for a hell of a summer this year. Hmmm ... I wonder if I have enough Elann Cotton Sonata for the Honeymoon Cami. Time to start stash-diving, methinks.

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