For Lana

Barring some crazy-ass unforseen circumstance, I'll finish Branching Out today.

Lana's post today reminded me that I have a vintage Coats & Clark pattern booklet from 1968 which features some ... interesting looks. Pretty much everything in it is knitted with four strands of yarn, and man, does it show.

This is the "moss-stitch striped dress." I know that as a small-framed woman, I like to encase myself in giant bulky acrylic monstrosities on a regular basis. It makes me appear larger to predators. I do dig the swingin' fencenet stockings though.

Here we have the "honeycomb-pattern coat." Can you imagine wearing this thing over the dress? You could get stabbed with a steak knife and never feel it.

And especially for Lana ... BIG BERETS. Just think: someone made these on purpose.


Mouse said...

That one hat has a pom-pom on it that looks like it could eat my cat. I'm sure for high crime areas that the dress and coat together would be like a bulletproof vest!

Lana said...

Ha ha ha...love it! That beret with the humongous pom-pom is scary. Leave it to the 60's to come up with these fashions.

The dress and coat are so "thick-looking" that I would think it could save lives. (bulletproof, stab-proof) Can you imagine if that thick yarn was itchy? *shiver* I am sure yarns back then are noting like nowadays.