Branching Out ... and Out ... and Out ...

I made it to the halfway point on Branching Out last night, polishing off my first skein after 15 repeats and a few odd rows. I've only had to rip back to a lifeline once since my last post, and it was tonight that I did it. Rawk. I am never knitting anything complicated without a lifeline again.

The Natural Plum colorway has more color variation than the Natural Denim, which is nice. I'm quite pleased with it. There was one knot in the first skein, near the end, and the color changed abruptly. Oh, well. I don't mind it.

Not sure how long it will take to finish this one. I am already trying to decide what to do next ... I hope I don't hit the knitting ennui again. I have a four-day weekend and a car trip next week (Mr. Fury and I are going to see Body Worlds!), so I want to be ready with a project.

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Lick My Sticks said...

Can't wait to see the scarf! That's a fun knit, I think I'm knitting another one soon out of this pretty green I have.

Body Worlds? Jealous.