On the Street

My Day Job is located in downtown Austin; most days, I walk over to the gym on my lunch hour. On Tuesday a coworker and I were walking to yoga class when I spotted a girl wearing something familiar. I blurted out, “One Skein Scarf, Happy Hooker?” while pointing at her neck. My coworker stared at me. The girl smiled and nodded assent. As we walked away, my coworker said, “Did you just call her a hooker?” :-) I love recognizing patterns on the street. While I’m not a big crocheter, I’m fond of that pattern – I have two for myself and made another as an Xmas gift for my sister.

I’m getting many compliments from strangers on the scrunchie blue SWS hat from last week – I’ll do a FO post on that at some point soon, really. I like the hat more and more as I wear it.

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