50% Completed Fetching (Well, 48% ... )

I’m not sure why I thought that Rowan Cashsoft had more yardage than Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, but I’m glad I figured it out before I bought Cashsoft and ran short.

I “finished” one Fetching wristwarmer last night, after starting it late Monday evening – I say “finished” because I didn’t do the thumb yet (although I did weave in the ends). I want to finish the second one before I go back and do the thumbs; that way I can do fewer thumb rows if I’m running low on yarn. I did buy a second ball of Cashmerino, but I’m hoping I won’t need it. Perhaps it’s hubris talking, but I think I can probably get by with one ball.

Normally I’m skeptical of so-called quick-to-knit patterns (I’m looking at you, Last Minute Knitted Gifts – last minute, my ass!), but Fetching really is fast. I am hoping to have the pair done by the weekend, depending on how much time I have to knit over the next few evenings. It took me a little while to get used to doing cables Continental, but I think I’ve got the hang of it. Cables rule!

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Mouse said...

I'm pretty much convinced that the test knitters for Last Minute Knitted Gifts were hopped up on something stronger than caffine to get those projects done in the times on the chapters. As if.
Fetching is a really quick knit and rather satisfying for instant gratification.