Finished Fetching!!

Last night I finished Fetching #2, so the pair is complete! I will get a better photo of these later -- this is the best I could do in the dawn's early light with my ancient camera. The color is a very pale spring green. Overall I'm very happy with them, although the thumbs are sort of wonky where I picked up the stitches. They're a little loose around my wrists, but that's because I have unnaturally thin wrists. I did an elastic bind-off instead of the picot, because I'm just damn fond of the elastic bind-off these days.

They clocked in at four evenings of diligent knitting.

Pattern: Fetching
Source: Knitty.com Summer 2006
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, 1 ball


Lick My Sticks said...

From what I've been reading girls are stepping down their needles to make them more snug. I have tiny wrists, too.

I never could do a picot BO before, I may try again now that I'm a better knitter but I remember knitting something with it before and wanting to stab people.

Mouse said...

I have tiny wrists as well.. and I will definitely need to go down to a size 5 needle to get the gloves to fit me properly. I love your gloves..

Scarlett said...

lick: yeah, I wasn't about to give myself an anyuerysm over the picot.

mouse: thanks! Definitely go down a needle size if you want 'em tighter in the cuff.