Why do I do this again?

Last night I experienced the unique joy of being simultaneously frustrated with a pattern and frustrated with a yarn.

I exchanged my leftover Cashmerino ball for one skein of Noro Silk Garden. There is a simple rolled-brim hat in One-Skein Wonders which uses one skein, so I figured I was set. I cast on, using the cable cast on I picked up from Fetching. I knit three rows and realized I hated the cast-on and wanted my beloved long-tail cast on instead. So I frogged. When I joined the row, the tail of the cast on snapped. Right at the slipknot. I have never broken yarn before. WTF? I did the déclassé thing and spit-spliced it.

After reknitting the first four rows (switching to smaller needles per the pattern), I realized that the hat would not fit me the way I want it to fit. Bleh. So I frogged again. I started another pattern from the book, cast on, and did a few rows. By then it was after 11 and I was hating the pattern. I gave up.

I'm not sure where I'm going with the yarn now. It's gorgeous, I want to use it. Perhaps I will wait until I find my zen at yoga this afternoon, before I try to tackle it again. Maybe this as a Plan B (or am I at Plan C by now?).

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