New Camera!

This is my first attempt at getting a knitting shot with my new camera. Not too shabby -- and definitely a lot better than what I could do with my old camera! I still need to figure out the best settings for good knitting photos, but I'm learning.
The new camera has a timer too, so I'll be able to take my own FO pictures when necessary. ;-)

It's a Canon SD1000 PowerShot. And it rules. Mr. Fury thinks it's silly for me to be so enchanted by the color accent feature. Heh.

Anyway, this is a second PICC arm band for my mom, with the MC and CC reversed. I swore to myself I wouldn't start Clapotis until we were either a) at the airport or b) I'd finished the second PICC arm band.

Tonight is our special show (as opposed to the regular ones we do with the band) ... it's going to fun and chaotic, and man will I be glad when it's over!


sunneshine said...

The PICC bands look great! I am sure your mom will love wearing something made by her daughter with love.

Safe travels!!

Draven said...

I know how it is to be excited about a new camera, I just got a nikon d40 and I just love it, I have taken close to 300 pictures and just got it sunday...