I Don't Learn

Hubris gets me once again. I finished the crown increases on the Foliage hat for my mom, moved on to the circular needle, and started the first pattern row of the hat body. As I began the last two 8-stitch repeats, I realized I'm off by one stitch. Dammit.

As a lesson to myself (it would've been so sensible to add a lifeline when I knitted onto the circular), I will unknit the entire row, stitch by stitch, until I find the mistake and fix it. And then I will run a lifeline on the row.

I need to clean today but I'm feeling extremely unmotivated. There are also some wee errands to run, and I'm meeting a friend for a tea break later.

My toes are at that really stiff point in the healing process, right before they start peeling. Every time I look down and see them, they make me smile. Hee.

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