No Knitting, No Scooting

It's another overcast day here in Austin ... we've had so much rain this month! They're predicting more rain through this week, which is a major bummer; yesterday, Mr. Fury and I bought a brand-new scooter (2007 Vino Classic), and I can't ride it to work if it's raining!

There hasn't been much knitting this week. I finally finished the increase rounds for the v-neck tank. Now I just need to knit even for about five inches before splitting for front and back. I'm so glad I decided to do this in the round!

I need to get on some baby knitting soon; baby girl Cupsu and baby boy Jesus Junior are expected in October and November respectively, with showers in September. Cupsu will receive a fuzzy ferret hat (which is a surprise), and Jesus Junior will recieve a bunny hat (per my friend's request). Cupsu may also receive a cupcake hat if I have time -- her daddy's nickname is Cupcake. It's been awhile since I knitted a baby hat but I seem to remember that they go very, very fast.

p.s. to Lana: I saw your iced coffee entry the other day but didn't get to comment on it. Girlfriend, try cold-brew for your iced coffee!

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Shannon H. said...

The rain sucks! Wish it would just fork away from TX and go West and put out the fires and East because my lawn is dead (kinda hard to try and water 1.6 acres...

Hooray on the scooter! Hopefully within the next year or so I'll be getting mine (it's gotta be powerful enough to keep up with the Husband's motorcycle.) I hope the rain stops so you can get out and ride!