Chemo, tank tops, and hula ...

Thank you for all the well-wishes. My mom moved out of ICU a few days ago; her infection has cleared up and her counts are at normal levels. I was there Friday when she had her first chemo treatment, which is much less dramatic than it sounds; it was a three-minute injection. This drug is supposed to be fairly gentle as chemo goes, which is encouraging. They're still working on getting thalidomide for her -- there is a lot of red tape for that one, of course. My understanding of multiple myeloma is that it can be treated and controlled effectively, and it becomes more like a managable condition (like diabetes).

I got bored with the TTV. I'm at a point where I will have to do some math to get the right number of stitches for the bottom ribbing ... *yawn*. So I cast on for the simple v-neck tank from Knitting Lingerie Style. Yay! I got the recommended yarn, Knit One Crochet Too Italian Ice, during the LYS's big sale last week. I decided to knit it in the round, which is making me much happier than knitting flat and seaming would have!

My dance group has a go-go/burlesque performance Labor Day weekend, and I've finally started thinking about it. I haven't done a solo number at any of them in the past, so I figure it's about time ... the theme is "Satan Swim" (the event is a weekly "Austin Swim" thing loosely centered around adult swim). I think I am going to do a hula-inspired burly-q routine to "Aloha from Hell" by the Cramps.

Off for errands now ... gotta recon some hula gear at the party store. ;-)

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That sounds like a lot of work, managing an illness like that. We're all here for you guys!

I *heart* Knitting Lingerie Style so hard. Seriously. I've got the yarn for several things in it, and am trying to get a few more FOs before starting a new WIP. lol But I drool over the patterns daily.