PRGE and Other Musings ... ;-)

My last PRGE package came this weekend ... here is the big ol' post on PRGE (complete with a photo taken just as Houdini landed in the roving). The fiber really, really wowed me. It's incredibly soft -- a chevoit-shetland-corridale blend. The spindle is much nicer than the one I made myself. :-) I couldn't be happier with the PRGE. It has been a great experience and I got to know a wonderful new person!!!

I finished the Back-to-School U-Neck vest yesterday afternoon. When Mr. Fury awakens, I'll have him take a FO picture. I am very happy with it, even though I made a mistake in down-sizing it and the bust darts aren't symmetrical (someone would have to stare very hard at my bust to see the mistake, though). There seemed to be some mistakes in the pattern that weren't in the errata, though ...

I'd been thinking about doing the ballet t-shirt from Loop-d-Loop next. But I happened to get a Borders coupon in the mail, so I swung by there and picked up Lace Style on a whim. I love to knit lace but I haven't done it since ... I guess when I did Branching Out earlier this year?

Anyway, I cast on immediately for the Retro Redux shrug, using the heather-y pale green Cascade 220 I bought to make the Turtleneck Tube Vest. I love it when things work out!

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Shannon H. said...

Glad you liked your package! Just a little fyi before you really go to town with the spindle- glue it in place! When I gave it a bit of a test spin, the whorl kept slipping, and I never got the chance to glue it in place.