PRGE Package #2!

Last night I received my second package from my punk pal ... the glorious, lovely, beautiful, generous, and talented Shannon H!! What's really funny is that I was her gift-er, too!

In addition to an adorable box decorated with sheep photos, I received a slew of wonderful goodness: burgundy and indigo fiber, two skeins of Cotton Classic, a pink post-it pad, three skeins of her very own handspun, a bag of specialty pasta (which will be used for a special romantic dinner with Mr. Fury), and a beautiful bracelet that she made herself, presented in a handknit bag made from her own handspun.


Lana said...

Oh, lookie at the yarnage. :-) Have a fabulous evening.

Shannon H. said...

I'm glad you liked your box! Totally funny that we got each other!

Shannon H. said...

I should add that the bracelet is comprised of freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and a few semi- precious stones (jade, moonstone, amethyst), and the finishings are sterling silver... Just some of the stuff that I've had for the past ten years (I think I have more of a bead stash than yarn!)