Yarn and Ink

I finished the knitting on the two-tone ribbed shrug and just have to finish weaving in the ends. Tomorrow is still going to be very chilly, but it should be warm enough on Tuesday for me to debut it. (I don't want to wear it over a long-sleeved shirt.)

While doing something completely random I found the missing fifth skein of Elann Endless Summer Sonata that I ordered a million years ago for Soleil. Now I'm sure I have enough to make the honeymoon cami, so I'm officially declaring that my next project. Stash-busting is a good thing, especially because ...

At our show last night I talked to my tattoo artist about a chestpiece I want done. I've been toying with an idea for my lower back for years, but last week it occurred to me that the piece would work well on my chest. This means that knitting money is being converted to tattoo money for a little while ... it's going to be hard to miss the classes that the Knitty ladies will be doing at my LYS, but I can still go to any free events they have. This is just too good of a time to get the work done -- the band is going on tour, so I have a few weeks off with no shows.

Photo shoot today ... where did my weekend go? It's not until four, so I have a few hours to get decent before then.

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