I am much improved today! I ended up taking yesterday off, too ... I am very, very, very lucky to work for a company that encourages us to stay home and recuperate when we're sick (or even when we need a mental health day!). I didn't do much knitting, but did make it partway through the waist decreases for the Honeymoon Cami. I like the way it's coming together so far, but I'm not crazy about the decreases she used. If I ever make another, I'll use my own decreases. The twisted-rib eyelet border is also not super special-looking ... maybe if I do it again I'll sub a lace border. The Elann Sonata is looking very nice.

Tomorrow I am heading to San Antonio to see Mr. Fury. I usually take knitting with me when I see him on tour, because he gets called off to work throughout the day.

In other news ... one week from today, I will be starting my chest tattoo! We are doing the center first, then doing each of the side pieces in separate sessions. I'm sort of nervous, because I have a bony chest and everyone is telling me how much it's going to hurt. But my artist is fast and as light-handed as can be, and the work will totally be worth it. Besides, people told me that my shin would suck royally, and it wasn't so bad.


Shannon H. said...

Hooray! That's for feeling better, the knitting time, and ink work! Hopefully I can get my ink this summer... If I can do a tattoo around my somewhat bony wrist, you can do your chest. :)


I can't wait to see the cami and the tat!! They both sound great. Besides, I've been looking at that pattern, not sure if I want to do it or not. I've gotta call our tattoo artist and see if he got a chance to work on mine. Thanks for reminding me. :D