Catching Up

I had a very nice visit with Mr. Fury on Wednesday. I hadn't seen the newest incarnation of his MC act with the Jager tour, so it was especially fun.

Last night was the only night that the Knitty girls were doing a free event at my LYS, and I missed it. :-( But I was doing a big favor for a close friend, so I know I made the right choice.

In random news ... apparently there is a book called Keep Austin Weird that features a big ol' picture of me (for the Satan's Cheerleaders blurb). Not quite as exciting as my modeling for Naughty Needles, but entertaining nonetheless.

Today I celebrated my newfound recovery by pulling a double at the gym -- weights class and then yoga. This afternoon there will be errands and then hopefully I can finish the bust shaping on the Honeymoon Cami. I'm finally going to see Grindhouse tonight. Quentin Tarantino put a special thanks to us in the closing credits (did I tell that story? I think I did).



So, when I was in California, the yarn shop I went to carried the Naughty Needles book and I had to flip through it! I almost took it to my husband so that I could say "See, I know her!", but realized he'd probably make fun of me for "knowing" someone online. haha It was still exciting for me.

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