Finally Some Progress

I finally got some work done on the Honeymoon Cami last night ... it really shouldn't be taking this long, but I guess I haven't been working very diligently on it. I'm almost through the first of the "quarters." Honestly, I'm not totally crazy about this project. I don't like the increase and decrease methods given, and the twisted eyelet rib is sort of dull. I'm tempted to make another one using my preferred inc/dec and a different lace. We'll see how it turns out. Hell, there's always a chance I'll frog the entire thing! :-)

Last night I made the second and third appointments for my chestpiece. Very exciting ... the next one is this Wednesday, then the third one is two weeks later. Now that the worst part (sternum) is over, I'm ready to finish it.

Now I'm going to have some iced coffee and watch a bad horror movie while knitting, before I tackle the other stuff I need to do today ...

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