Thank you for all the birthday wishes, y'all! I haven't been knit-blogging for long, but this community continues to amaze me.

I am so royally spoiled, it's insane. :-) I'm expecting a slew of knitting books from my wishlist this week. My mom and step-Dan ordered me EZ's Knitters' Almanac, EZ's Knitter's Workshop, and Scarf Style. My older sister ordered me Fitted Knits. And my friend Cherry gave me the Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques on Saturday. Woohoo! I will be awash in knitterly goodness.

It is pouring rain here. My plans to go to the grocery store were consequently scrapped, so I "had" to eat leftover birthday cake for dinner. Gee, darn. ;-)

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Carol said...

Sounds like great fun ...and i'm sure you had a wonderful time on your birthday...and well for some more amazing resources for birthdays also visit my blog on Birthday Greetings sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!