Last night I broke one my cardinal knitting rules. Upon learning that I knit, near-strangers will ask me to knit them something (presumably for free). I've gotten to the point where I always respond that I'm not currently taking commission work (not that they ever suggest paying). But when the sad drunk dwarf told me last night he just wished he had a beanie that fit, my heart melted. It will be a good exercise in pattern alterations, though, so I will learn from it.

I went stash-diving today. My mom works in a school, so I asked if the kids could use partial skeins of yarn for art projects. I'm unloading a bunch of nearly-used-up stuff that I'd never use in a million years. Like the leftover bright turquoise, purple, and green Bernat Boa that I bought to make a scarf on commission. ;-)

My goal is to get my stash cataloged entirely in One Note; Mr. Fury installed it right before he left, and I've found it extremely useful to keep track of my projects and some planned designs. Once I know what I have, my next goal is to figure out the yardage/weight on the partial skeins I have kicking around. At some point I want to make a note of all the books I have, too. Ah, ambition.

I give you this joke that Mr. Fury found in an old book (apologies for the non-PC-ness of it!):

Three pregnant ladies were drinking tea and knitting together. The first pregnant lady says, "I hope my baby is a boy, because the hat I'm knitting is blue." The second pregnant lady says, "I hope my baby is a girl, because the blanket I'm knitting is pink."

The third pregnant lady says, "I hope my baby has a hunchback, because I really messed up this sweater."


Lana said...

I had to laugh at the pregnant lady joke...Wooo, that was funny. I have a weird sense of humor though.

And I am always getting roped into knitting for others. I would have made the dwarf one, too. I just can't help it...

Have a great weekend!


Aww, I'd be a sucker for it too. And a beanie isn't a whole lot of work to turn out, most of the work will be (as you said) in pattern alteration.

That joke was great! lol I wish I was motivated enough to actually go through my stash. Though I did organize it by color back in January. Does that count?

ShannonAnn said...


Scarlett said...

shannonann: yeah, I guess I left out the background on that one. :-) He's the merch guy for my friends' band.