I don't participate on the Knitty boards, but I thought I'd get into the spirit and flash my stash along with everyone else. Of course, I am cheating, because I got rid of a big bag of yarn today. Mine would probably fit reasonably into one of those big plastic tubs at this point, and I'm glad. I feel better to have gotten rid of the stuff I'll never use. I prefer knitting with my yarn and using knitted items to keeping yarn in a closet. :-)

I have made a more or less accurate list of what I have kicking around. The photos don't show everything, and there may be something visible in the photo that I missed on the list. But it's a good start.

Complete skeins (some not visible in the photos):
• Knitpicks Sierra: black, 2 hanks (220 yards)
• Knitpicks Sierra: pink, 2 hanks (220 yards)
• Knitpicks Wool of the Andes: cranberry, 3+ skeins (330+ yards)
• Debbie Bliss Cashmerino: wine, 1 skein (100 yards)
• Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk: light blue, 2 skeins (144 yards)
• Lion Cotton: dark blue, 2 skeins
• Rowan Kid Classic: pale gray-blue, 1 skein
• Berroco Glace: red, 1+ skeins (75 yards)
• Elann Cotton Sonata: light blue, about 4 skeins?
• Cascade Fixation: red, 3+ balls
• Illusion Ranch Alpaca: pink, 350 yards
• Moda Dea (something glittery): black, 2 balls
• Lion Brand Fun Fur: pink, 2 skeins

Partial skeins:
• Sugar 'n' Crème: pink and white
• Sugar 'n' Crème: blue and white
• Peaches 'n' Crème: light blue
• Peaches 'n' Crème: light green
• Peaches 'n' Crème: green and white
• Rowan Felted Tweed: green
• Patons Classic Merino: pink
• Patons Classic Merino: blue and white
• Brown Sheep Bulky: deep green
• Brown Sheep Bulky: brown
• Brown Sheep Naturespun: green
• Brown Sheep Naturespun: black
• Berroco: hot pink
• Berroco: bubblegum pink
• Rowan Kidsilk Haze: teal
• Cascade 220: purple
• Cascade 220: bright green
• Cascade 220: black
• Cascade 220: red
• Something shiny and red from Berroco
• Patons SWS: Natural Denim
• Some sort of sport-weight red acrylic


Lick My Sticks said...

Sweet flash!! You don't have to be a Knittyhead, it was more of a blog wide thing last year, but the girl who organized it went MIA...so no one really wanted to fill her shoes. So it stuck mostly to the board this year.

Lana said...

Oooooh, you have a lot of pretty reds. I love red, my fav color. Although by looking at my stash today, you would think it was pink. LOL!