Snit Raglan

After a few false starts on my Snit Cardigan, I made some progress yesterday night. Unfortunately, I slashed my left thumb open on a can while making dinner, so the band-aid is slowing me down a bit. I'm using the top-down raglan formula; as I started working on it, I decided to make the it a v-neck, and I'm very happy with the decision. I'm still liking the WotA -- the stitches are very smooth and even.

Today Mr. Fury is taking me to see Reno 911 Miami at my favorite movie theater, Alamo Drafthouse (I'm looking forward to hard cider, not to mention chips and queso!). Tonight I have a show, wherein I get to show off my supercute new haircut.

Since I woke up too early today and have four hours until yoga, I think I'm going to pop in a Netflix and work on the Snit Cardigan ...

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Hey! I'm using that same pattern right now. :) It's super easy to use. Can't wait to see what yours looks like!