February Month in Review

It only took two months before I forgot to do a Month-in-Review post. Whoops. Better late than never, eh?

In February, I completed Branching Out, the Loop-d-Loop cowl, my very own Knucks, and a Noro Silk Garden hat. I would have also finished a shrug, except the pattern was idiotic and stupid and dumb and lame. I signed up for a swap for the first time ever!! And I'm so glad I did. My giver is obviously the coolest person in the universe ;-), and I'm excited to see what my recipient thinks of her gifts!

I made good progress on my Snit Cardigan over the weekend. I'm about an inch past the part where the sleeves are slipped to holders. It fits very well so far; I'm decreasing two stitches every inch to bring it in at the waist. I love that I can try it on over and over and over as I work. Very gratifying.

Today I left work a bit early to hit the LYS. I actually didn't get anything for myself -- just things for PRGE. (Although the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk called to me, I resisted.) The woman at the shop assured me that my recipient will like the items I chose, since my recipient's tastes are different than my own.



I can't remember what I meant to comment on....

Oh! I can't believe you resisted the temptation of Alpaca/Silk...you are a far stronger woman than I. lol

Lana said...

Ooooh, a top down sweater. I love making those. They seem to go so quickly. I am also lazy and hate sewing knit garments together. In the round sweaters (bottom-up, or top-down) are so much easier.

I can't wait to see your sweater.