I have made minimal progress on my Knucks. (I've done one thumb.) There hasn't been much knitting time this week. I decided that I will do all ten fingers first, so I will be pleasantly surprised when I finish the first one and don't have to face doing all the fingers for the second one.

I'm losing six hours of prime knitting time on Sunday -- gotta take defensive driving to get a speeding ticket dismissed. Bleh. I am also thinking of pulling a double at the gym on Saturday; usually I just do Saturday yoga, but I'm thinking of hitting spin class beforehand since I'm missing both my Friday and Sunday spin classes.

It's crazy cold here. Today I discovered that my Noro Silk Garden hat coordinates surprisingly well with my Branching Out scarf. Rawk! I love the matchy-matchy.

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Lick My Sticks said...

We are forever knitting the same/planning to knit the same things. I'm on the 2nd of my knucks. Knitting the fingers SUCKS. I feel your pain.

Defensive driving? Fuck that, everyone else on the road IS THE ENEMY!! ;)