Finished Loop-d-Loop Cowl

Pattern: Cowl (sans drawstring)
Source: Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, 1 ball Wild Violet
Stats: one size

So last night I set out to de-curl the curling edge of my cowl. After a failed attempt at a crochet edging, so I picked up stitches along the cast-on edge, did a purl row, and cast off. Then I wet it down and pinned it six ways from Sunday ... and it worked. Adios, curling!

I'm much happier with it now that the edge doesn't give me the flapping-dickey look. When I made it, I wasn't sure I'd wear it ... but now I'm liking it. Although with the neck rolled up it's pretty dorky:

Next project: my very own Knucks!


Lick My Sticks said...


pinsandneedles said...

That cowl is pretty cool. I does look like an incomplete sweater, but I still like it.

This is the first time I've been to your blog and I love what you're wearing in your profile pic. Now that's talent! Where did you find that pattern or did you make it up? Now I wanna make one of those.

Scarlett said...

Thank you!! That’s the Sexie top from “Stitch N’ Bitch Nation” – it was the very first garment I ever made and I’m crazy proud of it. I wore it when Deb Stoller did a book signing here. :-) It’s an incredibly simple pattern. Here is a pic of the front.

Mouse said...

Cool! I love the designs in Loop d-Loop but I don't like knitting with large needles, so I'll probably never make any of it.


Too cute! I like it. Never would I ever wear one, but it looks so great on you! Maybe I should stop being so finnicky about what I wear. lol

Lana said...

Very nice. I love the color.