My copy of Naughty Needles arrived today! I admit I'm a bit biased as far as the book is concerned, because I was lucky enough to model for it (the author is a friend-of-a-friend). On the site, that's me posed in the furry brown cave girl bikini.

But even if I hadn't posed as Cave Girl, I'd still be all about this book. The patterns are fun and sexy, but not overly flouncy or complicated. I think I might lose my sock virginity on the Kinderwhore pattern ...


MissCritta said...

I have to have this book. I've been eyeing it and have heard nothing but good things.

Good luck on the bloggage. I'm a new blogger, too.

msfortuknit said...

I so want this book! Great taste! I didnt know that it was out? I think that im going to be looking at this one tonight