Knitting for Mr. Fury

I do not knit for my husband often. He doesn't wear handknits and I'm smart enough not to foist them upon him -- though we were already married when I started knitting, so the sweater curse does not apply. But a few days ago he asked me if I'd ever made gloves; I haven't, but there's no reason I can't. Turns out that his existing store-bought fingerless gloves are too baggy, and he wants a nice snug-fitting pair. Which is where I come in. Because I love him and he's awesome, I'm thrilled to knit a pair of gloves for him.

I had the idea to make gloves with faux knuckle tats some time ago, because the band I dance with has a habit of thinking up four-letter word combos. (JACK RUBY is a favorite.) When I first saw the Knucks pattern, I was pretty sure the designer had crawled into my brain and looked through all the drawers ... then I realized it's not such a novel idea and hundreds of people probably also thought of it.

The pattern calls for Rowan Felted Tweed, which I initially scoffed at when reading the pattern. Tweed? Bah! But it knits up less tweedy than most tweeds, and I found a ball in a suitably reptilian color for my husband (who is most assuredly reptilian). And it was on sale at the LYS when I stopped in last night. So Rowan Felted Tweed it is. I should contact the designer and tell her that I have accepted the tweed.

I'd have started the fingers last night, except I discovered that I only have two size 4 DPNs. I don't know how that happened. I have eight size 3s, and no, none of them are 4s in disguise. I checked. So I contented myself with
a gauge swatch and will pick up more DPNs today.



Wandered over from PRK. Yes, the join is a pain. I cheated and did it all Magic Loop stylie. Makes life tons easier. Except, well you have to take all of the fingers off and put them back on. lol

Scarlett said...

That’s good to hear. I was starting to think I was severely deficient. :-) I might Magic Loop the second one when I get to it – although my smallest circ is a 5, and I’m knitting on 4s. Bah.