We are entering the busy, busy, busy season at work ... now until Xmas. Yikes!

I admit, I have been cheating on knitting this month. Shamelessly. Learning to sew has been far less frustrating than learning to knit, but I'm still not great at it. Mr. Fury ordered this as my Xmas present. Honestly, the reason I want to sew is so I will have adorable garments to coordinate with my knitting. Those fetching little tops and eyelet dresses and whatnot in all the books ... I do not own those things and I don't know where to buy them. Hence, the sewing.

The result of this sewing is some serious, hardcore UFO action. Endpaper Mitt #2 and the cardigan are languishing. (The cardigan? I am not knitting a bulky-weight sweater again.) I started the Yo! Drop It! scarf with my souvenir yarn from DC, so I'd have something to knit on the way to Dallas last weekend. I did realize I need a more diverse array of "indoor" scarves -- ones that I can wear indoors. That means lace!

Tonight I went to a Ravelry meetup at the Knitting Nest. It was awesome! I met some really cool people and won a super cool skein of sari silk in the White Elephant. (I was sneaky. I quietly kept it in my lap wrapped in its tissue paper so nobody else would take it.) I've never used sari silk before -- it is stunning. The depth of colors, the texture ... wow. While I was there, I bought a skein of Lorna's Laces sportweight and Malabrigio laceweight for imaginary indoor scarves I will make someday. Everyone was funny and clever and it was a great time.

We are about to get a serious cold front tomorrow night. Finally, weather for my Clapotis!!

In other random news: Mr. Fury and I celebrated four years of marriage yesterday. He puts up with a lot of "yarn-related nonsense" and I love him for it (and many other reasons!). :-)


Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary!

Can't wait to hear a review on the sari silk - I've been eyeing some to make decorative pillows or something like that for a friend of mine.

Viva Scrapper! said...

Happy Anniversary!
Oooh Sari Silk...I remember it being a bit of a pain to wind on my little japanese ballwinder as there are some knots in it....I knew a lady who knit purses out of it like MAD and they were pretty groovie