D.C. Ruled!

Whew! We had a great trip to D.C. despite some ... setbacks.

There was a snafu with our hotel reservation (let's just say the place was really, really not acceptable) that resulted in a lot of lost time in trying to find a place last-minute for Wednesday night and then for the rest of the trip. Fortunately, on Thursday we checked in at Hotel Helix, which was awesome. I never get to stay at boutique hotels, so that was really a treat.

Mr. Fury had a show on Thursday night ... when we woke up on Friday, I realized that I am extremely allergic to something in D.C. My entire face was covered in hives!! It wasn't that I just looked frightening -- it itched and burned like hell. That restricted a lot of what we were doing for the rest of the trip, but we did make it to the zoo on Friday. We didn't get to see the black-footed ferrets, but the meerkats totally made up for it.

Saturday we went to Stitch D.C. and I got a souvenir skein of Scarlet Fleece Painted Merino in Poodle Skirt. We met up with my friend Cherry for dinner; she just moved back to Virginia after living in Austin (she was a Cheerleader with me). We went to Mr. Fury's show after dinner and had a great time.

Sunday we went to the Smithsonian -- art, air and space, and natural history. It was a lot of fun but we were pretty tired by that point. :-) Yesterday we flew back home. The flight from Houston to Austin was delayed by an hour but we were sitting next to a really cool girl who happens to know several people I do. That was neat.

Luckily my skin is starting to clear up now that I'm back in Austin. I took today off work; Mr. Fury left this morning for two and a half weeks in Canada, so I'm on my own. I have a few errands to run but I think I will mostly work on Clapotis before practice tonight ... I've made it through 9 of the 13 straight section repeats.

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Shannon H. said...

Yeah. There's something in the air right now. The youngest and I have been congested something fierce(on top of the cold that the Husband has given to me).

Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up. If you ever find yourself in the area again, I'll get a babysitter and we'll definately go on a serious yarn crawl in the area (even if you find yourself in Richmond, VA. I <3 Richmond's shops!)