As promised ...

Pattern: Clapotis
Source: Knitty.com
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk, 8 balls
Size: As written
Love, love, love love!! This is so soft and warm and drapey ... it's fabulous. I'm so happy I made this. :-)


Mouse said...

Gorgeous! Both of my clapotis in progress are banished to the bottom of bags and baskets because they are so hideously boring. I'm in awe of anyone with the willpower to actually finish a full sized Clapotis!


OMG!! It's so super fabulous!! I love it. Maybe one day I will actually make one of these. :)

Viva Scrapper! said...

Ooooh Neat. I'm gonna have to make one with that yarn. My last one a pain in the arse cause I'm a genius and used a mohair blend that was pretty but try dropping those stitches....it took FOR_FREAKIN_EVER!