Happily, I finished my purple-y Fetching gloves on Friday. The yarn came from the huge sale several months ago and has been hanging out in my stash ever since. I didn't finish any projects in July, so it's nice to have actually completed a project. I followed the pattern but added an extra round on the thumbs. Like last time, I obsessed about running out of yarn. Like last time, I had just barely enough. I did the wrists on size 5 needles and it made a huge difference. This pattern just plain rules. Maybe I will make a pair for my grandma for Xmas.

My Knit Picks order arrived yesterday; as much as I want to start my Clapotis in Andean Silk, I'll be good and work on the PICC line sleeve for my mom instead. The yarn is very similar to Classic Elite Premier, which got me thinking about potential saggage. Not good. I was trying to think of how I could add some elastic and where I could go to get some elastic today and how the elastic procurement will prevent me from casting on until I get it ... then it hit me. The Coquette Lace Tube Top is knit with the same sort of yarn, and I've seen many people thread a ribbon through the eyelet row. Brilliant! I can do a simple row of eyelets and add a ribbon or i-cord that matches the CC stripes on the sleeve.

The Shine yarn was just sort of in the package (no plastic bag around it) and it had some serious funk when I opened it up. Anyone else experience this before? It seems to have aired out okay, but I'm concerned that the funk will return when the fiber gets wet. Hmmmm ...

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