Blah ...

I have been feeling a lot of general annoyance/frustration/time-crunching lately ... my mom is still in the hospital, my group has two shows on Saturday (one of which we are not very prepared for), one of my very good friends is moving away, and there's some stressy stuff happening with the day job. To make things better, I've had a nasty ache in the back of my neck for three days. Blah.

But there's a big ol' light at the end of the tunnel. Sunday I'm getting a super-deluxe pedicure with a gift certificate. Monday we have off work, and several yoga studios are offering free classes all day. I'm going to work on Tuesday to tidy up loose ends ... before I take five PTO days! Mr. Fury and I are doing a week in Washington D.C. He has a couple of shows, but we'll be doing some touristy stuff, too. And we'll be seeing my friend who is moving away, since she is moving to Virginia. So I'm trying to keep all that in mind. Other good stuff:

I'm hoping I will get a Ravelry invite by the end of the week. There are only 124 ahead of me now.

Mr. Fury is going to take me to get a new digital camera this weekend! He has a good one, but it accompanies him on the road; when he's gone, I have to use his old one, which I hate and takes terrible photos. So now I will have a new camera of my very own, yay!


Mouse said...

Ravelry is absolutely worth the wait.. I'm "Mouse" on there. Congrats on the new camera.. I keep getting hubby's hand-me-downs. (not that I'm complaining). I'm keeping your mom in my thoughts.. hang in there.

Shannon H. said...

Your coming to DC!?! Shoot me a line, and we might be able to do a yarn/ fiber crawl!