Of Half-Finished Shrugs and Turtlenecks ...

I am going to seam up the sleeves on the Retro Redux shrug tonight. I've decided not to bother with the ribbed collar for now ... it looks fine as it is, and I want to wear it for our office open house on Tuesday. (It covers my arm scarification nicely. My office normally doesn't care about such things, but I don't want to spend the entire day explaining it to our clients!) Maybe I'll go back and do the ribbing -- I still have an entire skein of the celery green 220 for it.

I have a LOT of stray 220, actually, since I use it for so many projects. Maybe I'll make that Leftovers vest from Knitty someday.

Yesterday I officially joined the Fitted Knits KAL, so I decided I'd work on another project from the book next ... specifically, the Turtleneck Tube Vest. Yes, the one that made me look so awful that I frogged it right after the front/back join. I think the reason it didn't work. I've seen several that were done with just a smidge of ribbing instead of the turtleneck, and I think that will be more flattering. If it really, really doesn't work ... I can use the yarn for the Loop-d-Loop ballet t-shirt.

I got two skeins of bright-sky-blue Cotton Fleece. I've never used it before, but it seems nice. When I bought the yarn, I found out that one of the girls at my LYS wrote the pattern for the Russian Winter Hat in SnBN. I love that hat.

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Lick My Sticks said...

I saw your posts on the Fitted Knits KAL (I spy there while I whittle down my to-knit list enough to justify delving into another pattern book) and they looked GREAT. What doesn't look great on little cute you though, seriously? ;)

You don't happen to have any 220 in Olive Heather dye lot #9448 do ya? (One of those can't-say-no-even-though-it's-not-
enough-to-make-the-sweater deals on ebay)