Knitting, No Tears

I'm still working on my second Noro Silk Garden cap -- this time following the pattern as written, after trying a few other things and frogging. I have about an inch more to do before the decreases. This skein is working out much better than the first one.

My V-Day present from Mr. Fury arrived today: my very own copy of Knitting Without Tears. Joy! Speaking of Mr. Fury, he will be traveling to Minnesota this weekend -- good thing I made him gloves, eh?

I might have a photo shoot on Sunday, but other than that, I plan to lounge and knit for most of the weekend. I also need to plot out my impending Snit Raglan. I ordered from Knitpicks on Tuesday ... I've only ordered from them once before, and it took approximately fifteen years for my order to arrive (okay, it was really about two and a half weeks). Hopefully it will be quicker this time.

It's getting warm again, which dissuades us Texans from knitting scarves and hats and other warm accoutrements. Is it weird that I'm thinking of knitting up some cotton sweat towels to use at the gym? At least I'm not knitting gym socks ...


Lana said...

Oh, Knitting Without Tears is a good book. It's one of the first books I got as a new knitter. (three years ago) I love knitting seamless sweaters. I am actually knitting a bottom-up seamless sweater right now. (Project Spectrum sweater) It's a nifty book and I recommend it.


I want that book! What a great V-day gift. I don't even think I got chocolate.... Cotton towels? You must be crazy. lol Maybe a sweat-band? You could make an ultra-loose sweater and leggings, et voila! 80s flashback. Hm...I think I'm taking that too far.